Car company insurance

Car company insurance also known as vehicle or auto insurance is insurance that we purchase for vehicles (cars, trucks...). Car company insurance is used to provide protection against losses or damages that are caused as a result of accidents in traffic or for liability which could occurs in an accident.
Among a variety of insurance the car insurance slang from the environment of a car to be understood. In addition to the insurance on the car insurance of motor vehicles is one of the volume of car insurance.
Different types of insurance around the car / vehicle:
- Motor Insurance
- Comprehensive insurance (CDW / comprehensive)
- Passenger insurance
- Transport legal
The car insurance is compulsory in almost all countries in the world. It serves the financial protection for accident victims. Each owner of a motor vehicle must take out liability insurance to move a motor vehicle to a traffic road traffic. The other types of insurance are usually voluntary.
Automobile insurance is not compulsory in South Africa. The Government has introduced a fuel tax to compensate injured in a traffic accident. If you are the responsible vehicle, the allowance is limited to 25,000. Otherwise it is unlimited.
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