Car company sales

Car company sales are the activities involved in selling cars. In last year car sales totaly colapsed in north America and Hyundai became the most successful car company in north America. Most of the big car companies posted significant unit sales drop in March. More than anybody expected. GM sold 268,000 small cars only. Three years ago it would have been their decision to cash 4th of Avgust. Ford moved 96,000 units, compared to 50% over the same month last year. As usual, the public relations department of Ford did his best to conceal and divert. The first sales in its statement last month, Ford pulled the case of the fabulous new products that are. The most important announcement of the company thought he was doing was to present the new model Ford Fusion on "American Idol." Ford tells shareholders as out of touch the company's CEO, Alan Mulally, he is. He can be forgiven becouse he worked for Boeing.
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