How Long Should Lower Back Pain Just Last

lower back pain At one point in a person’s life, lower back pain may be felt. There are just a lot of things that causes lower back pain that even a single compression on the back may cause such feeling. Sometimes, this pain goes away even without intervention. But, it is a must to learn as to when should this pain last in order to differentiate between mild and serious causes.

Usually, lower back pain lasts for a day or two. This is just the time when the body specifically the tissues at the back does its work to recover from the compression and the like. Pain just comes to be mild to moderate which is a bit tolerable. But, no one would surely want to feel pained even though it will just stay for a while. So, here are some of the measures that you can use in order to ease the pain during the recovery period.

One of the traditional yet most soothing measures to relieve pain is with the use of cold compress. This is actually a good thing to use within the next 12 to 24 hour period. After which, you can go for hot compress.

It is also a must to keep the body well rested for this period. If pain comes to be moderate, take self to a bed rest in order for the tissues to fully recover. Make sure that you are comfortable enough by lying in a bed with enough support.

Also, it is good to avoid strenuous activities just when pain is felt. Vigorous activities will just make use of the muscles more that will in turn have it strained. Instead of leaving the muscles and tissues to recover, you are actually making it work a lot more.

These are just some of the measures that you need to take during the first 24 to 48 hours of feeling the pain on the lower back. By the end of a day or two, you will already feel the relief. But, when pain is still there even when interventions are made, there may be a need to call for medical help already. List of car companies
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