Rental car company

Rental car company also car hire agency is an organization that rents cars. Agency rent a car usually for a short period of time and imposes a fee. Car can be rented from few hours to few weeks. Rental car companies usually have more rental shops so the customer can leave the car on other location. Car rental agencies are in most of the cases located near big cities and airports.
Some car rental companies also offer a school vehicle for short-term rental. These vehicles are equipped with the necessary equipment for driving schools.
The car rental agencies meet the needs of two main sectors: tourism and the business sector. They can also be helpful to your own car as a replacement if this is out of service. Due to the variety of sizes of their vehicles, car rental companies can also respond to the needs "self-moving" of the industry, by renting vans, minibuses or trucks.
Car rentals are always subject to conditions that vary by company. The vehicle must be returned in good condition and in some cases should not exceed a certain "mileage" (a maximum distance). Widespread conditions among the companies are: A minimum age for the driver, and a minimum time since the issuance of driver's license, since these generally in Spain, 21 years of age and 2 years old. These conditions vary by company and type of vehicle. Recent technological advances enable car rental companies use GPS technology to limit the maximum speed and hold information about the location of each vehicle immediately.
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