Used car company

Used car company is a organization that sales used cars. Used car is a vehicle, usually a car, which had already at least one previous owner. Trading used vehicles has become a whole industry set by car dealer. If the vehicle is younger than 12 months, we also speak of last year's car. This is very popular among the buyers because cars are up to 30% cheaper than new cars. Because of the low age rarely have defects and usually still have a remaining term of the guarantee (as opposed to the new car salesman, in addition to the guarantee against the employee car salesman) and / or service (compared to the manufacturer or importer). Not on used cars include day registrations.
Depending on the age difference deficiencies in used cars can be expected. Dealers and other trade vendors (eg companies) professionals in the sale of the company car is a 2-year warranty (including warranty of quality) are legally obliged to used cars but this may shorten the contract to 1 year. The warranty applies to the error (not deficient) state of the vehicle at the transfer, but not for normal wear from previous use, normal wear and tear during the subsequent use by the purchaser or subsequent damages resulting from non-intended use by the purchaser, eg for engine damage caused by tuning. In particular, the seller is also liable for defects not known to him, he conceals it well-known shortcomings, this is crafty deception. By individuals is a warranty (colloquially often confused with warranty), however, most completely excluded by contract and the vehicle should be examined by the buyer prior to purchase particularly thorough. In each case, Seller to complete and truthful information about existing deficiencies and damage (eg collision required). Through an opinion (or Dekra ADAC), you can protect yourself as a trader selling fairly named as the flaws of the vehicle so all are. If the buyer after 3 months indicate a lack, can be supported by the opinion that the defect is not at the time of the sale was present. Fixed a collision while the opinion as well documented. If the buyer signs the report he is informed before the purchase of any defects and it may be no more misunderstandings occur.
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